Advices on choice of stabilizer

Advices on choice of stabilizer

Independent choice of necessary model of voltage stabilizer in certain cases happens rather difficult task. For simplification of choice problem of voltage stabilizer we will help you to answer slightly important and frequently asked questions. (or you may address to experts of service –centre “Power light service”).

What to begin with?

At first it is necessary to understand, whether which type of stabilizer is necessary for you. For this it is necessary to define, which problems are characteristic for your power supply network - constantly overestimated or underestimated tension, sharp jumps or failures of tension, distortion of harmonicity, etc.

What technical characteristics of stabilizer are important for a right choice?

We recommend considering characteristics of voltage stabilizer in the following order:
• quantity of phases;
• output power;
• working range of entrance tension;
• static accuracy of stabilization;
• speed;
• service conditions;
• weight and dimensions.

What model of voltage stabilizer: single-phase or three-phase, is necessary to choose for function of your equipment and device?

We will consider the following main options in connection of loading:
• loading represents one finished device or equipment; In this case it is enough to find out from passport or maintenance instruction on this device or scheme of connection of device to power supply network and its power consumption (peak and nominal).
• loading represents some devices or equipments; In this case, if among them there is available, at least one device or equipment with three-phase scheme of connection, it is necessary to choose three-phase model of voltage stabilizer.

In case when total power of loading is high, and it can be divided into parts, it is better to choose three-phase model of voltage stabilizer and at connection to distribute loading on phases. Uniform distribution of loading will allow avoiding effect "phases distortion", and also will prolong stabilizer service life. Pay attention to that loading on any of phases (voltage stabilizer channels) should not exceed admissible value for this model of voltage stabilizer.
For creation of schemes for complex power supply, for example cottages, apartments, summer houses, etc., there are recommended both single-phase, and three-phase models of voltage stabilizers or their combination. In this situation everything depends on the part of power supply network of object which you have decided to fill with stabilized network voltage. In option when whole object is connected in complete manner, generally we recommend, three-phase option of voltage stabilizer, for separately connection to lighting, main power (rosette) group, additional power group. It isn't obligatory always to choose one single-phase or three-phase voltage stabilizer. In certain cases power supply system can be constructed of several, various on power and on accuracy of stabilization single-phase or three-phase models of voltage stabilizers.

How it is correct to determine the necessary power of a voltage stabilizer?

To make model choice of voltage stabilizer by criterion of required power, it is necessary to calculate total power consumed by loading.
Power consumed by concrete device, it is possible to learn from passport or maintenance instruction. Sometimes power consumption together with supply voltage and frequency of network is specified on back cover of device or equipment.
Upon calculation of power consumed by device, it is important to consider so-called full capacity, and also starting current of device. Full capacity is total power consumed by electric device, it consists of active power and reactive power, depending on loading type. Active power is always specified in watts (W), full - in volt-amperes (VA). Devices - consumers of electric power often have both active, and reactive loadings.
Active loading. At this type of loading all consumed energy will be transformed to radiation (light, heat). At some devices this component is main. Examples - incandescent lamps, heaters, electric stoves, irons, etc.
Reactive loadings. All of the others. They, in turn, are subdivided on inductive and capacitor. For instance - devices containing electric motor. These elements of linear chains don't absorb energy, and only partially reserve it in electric or magnetic field with subsequent return in electric chain.
Full capacity in volt-amperes and active power in watts are connected among themselves by coefficient С0Sf. On devices having reactive component of loading, often specify their active power consumption in watts and С0Sf. To calculate full capacity in VA, it is necessary to divide on active power in Wt to С08ф. For example: if on a drill it is written "600 W" and "С0Sf = 0,6", it means that full capacity actually consumed by this tool will be equal to 600/0,6=1000 BA. If С0Sf isn't specified, for approximate calculation active power can be divided on 0,7.
High starting currents. Any electric motor at the time of inclusion consumes energy several times more, than in a regular mode. Ratio of size of consumed current at the time of start-up (turning on) of device to current size in established mode is called as frequency rate of starting current. This size depends on type and design of electric motor, existence or lack in device of smooth start, and can differ from 3 to 7.
In a case when electric motor being a main consumer in this device (for example, submersible pump, refrigerator) is a part of loading, but its starting current is unknown, passport power consumption of motor should be increased minimum on 3, in order to avoid overload of voltage stabilizer at the time of turning on of device.
It is recommended to choose voltage stabilizer model from 20% as stock from loading power consumption. First, you will provide "sparing" operating mode of stabilizer, thereby having prolonged its service life, secondly, you will create power reserve for connection of new equipment for yourself.

What size of accuracy of stabilization is necessary for protection of equipment?

For a choice of accuracy of stabilization it is necessary to determine range of tension, admissible for power supply of equipment protected by voltage stabilizer. Find out parameters of power supply of your equipment, address to maintenance instruction or in service center of its producer.
We can't precisely tell what power supply is necessary for your equipment for safe work as there is a wide spacing in requirements imposed to power supply of equipment and devices of different producers.
Power supply of majority of household appliances and equipment it is possible to carry out with tension of 220V±5-7%.
Lighting equipment (chandeliers, searchlights, spotlights and etc.) are recommended to be connected via stabilizer with accuracy not less than 3% and smooth (not step) tension regulation. Stabilization accuracy gets higher, when there is less dispersion of output tension, and, respectively, thus there shall be less visible change of intensity of light upon sharp jumps of entrance tension.
Attention! Application of voltage stabilizer doesn't allow to avoid completely effect of "blinking light", but protects lighting lamps from premature failure.

What additional functionality stabilizer may possess?

Basic functions of voltage stabilizer are:
• stabilization of output tension within working range of exist tension;
• protection of loading against increased or lowered output tension when entrance tension is out of working range (shutdown of loading feeding);
• protection of stabilizer against overload on power and short circuit in a loading chain.

Some models of stabilizers provide additional functionality which according to destination can be divided into the following groups conditionally:
•    possibility of independent change by the consumer of settings of the stabilizer:
•    installation of nominal output tension, differing from 220V;
•    change of thresholds of protection of loading from increased or lowered output tension.
additional protection of stabilizer:
•    protection against an overheat of power knots;
•    devices for self-diagnostics of stabilizer.

If you didn't manage to answer the questions given above or after the answer to them you still have doubts in choice of necessary model of voltage stabilizer, in this case we insistently recommend you on all non clear questions or for additional information to address our experts.

In addition, our experts will assist you to define need on application of another accompanying stabilizers of alternating voltage of equipment (uninterruptible power supplies, control units and protection, etc.), allowing to solve specific problem on providing qualitative power supply.


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